Welcome to AYOSA

A Social Enterprise that employs Innovative Agriculture and Skills Training to solve pressing Challenges

African Youths for Sustainable Agriculture (AYOSA) is a social enterprise that employs innovative agriculture and skills training to solve pressing challenges affecting young people across Africa. Our actions are customized to bring lasting solutions to hunger and incidence of malnutrition, as well as ensuring a sustainable pathway to youth employment and rural community development. We believe in the power and potential of youth to create solutions to the most pressing challenges of our time. More so, we provide skills development, capacity building, and mentoring programs for young people across Africa. 

Our Core programs

Youth entrepreneurship and Skill Development 

Creating opportunities for positive change.

We are transforming Mindsets by Equipping African Youths with valuable life skills. We Work with young Africans to develop new ways of solving pressing challenges affecting African communities. 

Community Agriculture

It is possible for everyone to have food.

We are empowering the next generation of African agropreneurs, Innovating and leveraging digital transformation to drive sustainable food systems in Africa.   

  • Agricultural Consultancy 
  • Green Tours 
  • Urban Farming and low-Cost Eco-Friendly Greenhouses 

Agriculture Consultancy

We provide the following services; Agricultural Projects / Business Designs and Implementation, Follow-up Programs, Animal Health Care.

Low Cost Eco-friendly Greenhouses

We provide you with a range of greenhouse designs from metal to wood greenhouse and Bamboo greenhouses at very affordable prices.

Urban Gardening & Landscaping Programs

Transform the beauty of your home with sustainable home gardening, space is not a problem. 

Green Tour

A rural agricultural tourism program that provides tour services to people who travel to rural areas for education and pleasure.

Turning Every Moment into a Reality

Green tour

Travel with us today and enjoy the beauty of mother Africa. From the beautiful relieves, food, and culture to the people. Tours programs are only available in Cameroon, Rwanda, South Africa, Liberia, Ghana, Nigeria, and Somalia.

“GREEN TOUR” is a Rural Agricultural Tourism

“GREEN TOUR” is a rural agricultural tourism program that provides tour services to people who travel to rural areas for education and pleasure. Our focus is to promote agri-tourism and rural tourism

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About our tours

We will take you off-the-beaten-track and show you places few people ever get to see that you won’t easily forget. We focus on setting a high standard in ecotourism for our region, which will hopefully contribute to the improvement of agriculture and tourism in Africa and beyond.

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What’s different about us?

We work in very close contact with youths and different local communities who are our partners & service providers at each location around the continent. We actively support youth’s entrepreneurship in agribusiness and the fight against unemployment, climate change, food insecurity, and malnutrition in underserved communities across Africa.

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Our Mission

To ensure Food Security and Youth Employment in Africa through Innovative Agriculture and skills training.

Our Vision

To Create over Ten thousand direct jobs and over ten million Indirect jobs and be at the Heart of security and poverty alleviation in Africa by 2050

Our Activities and Events?

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