Fresh Food For All

Fresh Food For All

Feeding vulnerable families during covid-19 

With covid-19 gradually turning into a hunger crisis, there is a need for more food production to need the need of vulnerable communities. This crisis has a devastating effect in the English regions of Cameroon that is faced by both covid-19 and the ongoing socio-political crisis. 

“I have 7children and we are starving. It’s difficult to feed my children every day as before since I cannot go to the market due to the lockdown” said Martha Achari; A local food vendor who lost her main source of income as a result of covid-19 lockdown. 

Food items have become expensive and scare, it’s difficult to get fresh vegetables even if you have the money” comment Rosaline Ashu

Poverty, high cost of food items, scarcity, and low affordability, therefore, mean many people cannot eat healthily and nutritiously. 

With support from The Pollination Project, AYOSA has set up an outdoor garden and a 5000 seed capacity nursery to assist with fresh vegetables and train on home gardening during this pandemic. More than 30 households receive fresh vegetables every month and we have trained 40 beneficiaries on how to start and manage a home garden using local materials. 

After receiving training and assistance on home gardening, Martha had this to say “I produced at least 2bags of huckleberry every week and make more than 8000FCFA at home, I also produced green species and tomatoes and can now feed my family and prepare for their school needs while hoping school opens soon. Thank you AYOSA” 

“Thanks to AYOSA, I can now produce my vegetables and even sell excess” Rosaline Ashu

While we hope for and look forward to the end of the pandemic, AYOSA will continue to provide support to underserved communities. 


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