EcoHeroes Africa – What young people are saying!

EcoHeroes Africa – What young people are saying!

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On the 5th of June 2021, AYOSA launched the #EcoHeroesAfrica Project – Africa Youth Food Security and Climate Change Ambassador Program. Given our commitment to halt climate change while ensuring food security, AYOSA will engage 5000 Ambassador across Africa for 10years to plant 10million Fruit Trees and set 1000school gardens. In addition, AYOSA will train 1000youth entrepreneurship, regenerative agriculture, Agricultural enterprise development, and Business management. 

Across Africa, young people are taking action and adding their voice to support the EcoHeroes Africa Project. You can add your voice or apply to join the Food Security and Ambassador program. 

What young people are like you across Africa are Saying about EcoHeroes Africa Project

Angela from Ghana writes: 

We are the future of Africa, and this is the time to rise and take sustainable action to secure our future. The EcoHeroes Africa Project is a unique opportunity for young people across Africa to do so

Eric from Cameroon Writes, 

Our Action has become a threat not only to itself but to all humans on the planet. Join #AYOSA and plant trees for a green Africa.

Sakina from Nigeria writes,

School garden Help keeps children in school. Increasing environmental awareness and support school feeding programs 

Rosaline from Gambia writes

For Africa to become food secure, we must engage young people. EcoHeroes Africa project is a great place to start

 Apply to join the Ambassador program  

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