Agricultural Consultancy

Get Access to Agriculture professionals, ready to take your project to the next level.

AYOSA connects you with our team of experts to assist and work with you in your project or need. We provide the following services; Agricultural Projects / Business Designs and Implementation, Follow-up Programs, Animal Health Care. Also, we offer technical advice on Organic Farming, Greenhouse Farming, Animal Feeding Programs, Seeds, and Farm Equipment. 

Agricultural Consultancy Services

We provide the following Agricultural services enable boost your project to new level. Our programs guarantee incredible success at all levels.

Technical Advice on Organic Farming

organic farming involves the use of distinct methods to achieve the best yields of a crop, AYOSA team of experts will enable you learn new strategies to better open, manage, implement successful strategies and more for your organic farming technique.

Greenhouse Farming

With AYOSA Green House Farming consulting service, we you get special insights on how to boost production, minimize production risks, learn the ability to grow year-round produce, even off-season and much more.

Animal Feeding Programs

The quality of animal feed is important to ensure animal production systems are healthy. A good livestock diet can boost profitability on farms, as well-fed animals are healthier, more productive, and less likely to incur costly vet bills. AYOSA consulting service, enable you to learn control systems and testing methods used to maximise animal feed quality.

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